[Vwdiesel] '81 Rabbit questions

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Tue Dec 18 15:50:10 PST 2007

My '86 na puts out a little heat, enough to keep the windows clear and 
myself from freezing, but not good heat. I attribute that to the blown 
head gasket and oil clogging up the heater core, soon to be fixed when 
I do the head gasket in the next couple weeks. Need to get all new 
hoses first and flush the block and heater core really well.
On Dec 17, 2007, at 11:14 PM, Bryan Belman wrote:

> Yeap, I would say my 92 eco produces about the same
> amount of heat as your 91.  No need rad that I know of
> but all hoses are good, heater core is origial, but I
> have not complaints on the heat.  I would say I get
> heat in first few miles as well, so we are the lucky
> ones I guess.  Maybe you thermistate is open all the
> time??
> Bryan, NJ
> --- mikitka <mikitka at embarqmail.com> wrote:
>> Before I came into the Air Force my parents bought
>> brand new a 79 rabbit
>> diesel.  Now I can relate to the heat issue not
>> being the best, in the cold
>> winters of the western mountains of Pa. I do
>> remember it being cold out, I
>> want to say in the single digits and the engine
>> running but the temp gage
>> not moving off cold with not much for heat output.
>> Just like our old 72
>> square back. Now there was a no heat producing
>> vehicle.
>> It does get cold here in NC, tonight suppose to get
>> down to the teens. I
>> have ran it into work in the am around 5am and it
>> being that cold last year
>> and I get heat. My one friend that I work with
>> couldn't get over how hot it
>> gets inside the jetta. The coolant system was all
>> new when I rebuilt the
>> engine, new radiator, hoses and all.  I do notice
>> that the temp gage runs
>> warmer with the heat on full hot. Once I move it
>> back to full cold it drops
>> back down to slightly off left of center where it
>> normally runs, but on full
>> hot it runs dead center.  I must have a magic jetta,
>> great heat, no oil
>> pressure and so far 30k miles on the rebuild with
>> mpg average of 47mpg.
>> Tony Hoffman drove it and can tell you it runs
>> pretty good. Brian from NJ
>> got to see it but didn't have enough time to drive
>> it when he came through
>> NC.
>> Nick
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>> Hi Nick;
>> 	I have never had a VW as new as a 91 Jetta but I
>> have had many
>> different Rabbits and the heaters worked pretty good
>> till the weather gets
>> cold. Try Wyoming in the winter in a Rabbit and you
>> better hope you have a
>> good lap robe plus toasty shoes and gloves. Been
>> there done that many times
>> and will be going to Texas from Washington State in
>> early January in my 1981
>> Dasher diesel station wagon. The 50 mpg is great and
>> down comforter will
>> keep me comfortable.
>> Brian Decker
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