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> - I will also check lower rad hose for 'collapse'
> <snip>
> - radiator was apparently replaced by PO, who seems to have done most  
> of the obvious stuff to address overheating condition
> - I agree that there is some kind of restriction or flow problem
> my guess:
> I do not have a head gasket breach
> but I do have some kind of leak or block that is preventing flow/ 
> cooling/pressurizing of the system outside the engine
> system acting like it has partial flow past the t-stat now
> will double-check the 4 things above and post back later
  I've never seen a hose collapse on a VW, Audi vacuum 
hose maybe but not a coolant hose on a VW.
  With no significant pressure then it wouldn't be the 
head gasket.  Does it have ANY pressure?  The cap 
may be bad, not holding pressure and if you had a "hot" 
t-stat in there originally, that could be enough to make 
it boil (from experience, just straight water is enough to 
make them boil with the hottest stat in there!)

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