[Vwdiesel] 81 Rabbit - wheel bearings

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Wed Dec 19 10:27:25 PST 2007

The Rabbit front wheel bearings are a sealed unit, and do not need to be 

The rear has two taper roller bearings each wheel, and are greasable,
and need to be greased upon initial installation.

Replacing the rears also requires a seal.

Doing the rears requires no special tools, except for things like an
adjustable wrench, screwdriver, drift, hammer, and possibly a brake
adjustment tool (I use a screwdriver).  It takes time, but the job 
is not excessively complex.

Replacing the fronts requires pressing out the bearing from the
flange and hub, and normally I use a 12 ton hydraulic press.  There
are tools for doing it in situ, and those are recommended.  If you
remove the flange and hub spindle, you will need to realign the front 

You should probably try to get a Bentley book, because it will
better answer some of the questions you are asking, than some
of us can try to pen out.  Besides, there are pictures, although
not of the caliber of the Compleat Idiot Beetle repair books by
John Muir.

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