[Vwdiesel] *81 Rabbit overheating*

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Wed Dec 19 12:12:22 PST 2007

I'm going to start referring to these issues independently
so, upon further driving:

1. stable high temp measured at the overflow reservoir is 197°f
- this is after 20 min driving @ 50mph in 4th gear
- this corresponds to 2.5 white lines below the red on the dash gauge
- flow is full and free from the return line into the reservoir, and  
res has not lost any obvious fluid from last night - still up at max  
- but there are still gaps (bubbles) in the returning flow

2. I checked the lower radiator hose for obstruction/deformation
with engine running after 20 min at full temps that hose is  
completely fine (at least looks fine from the outside)
no kink, no collapse

I forgot to feel the radiator all over
and have not had a chance yet to check old thermostat

but that's the update
how's that number?
sounds hot to me
shouldn't it be down around 160°?

btw, heat does work, although not as well as in my EuroVan, and does  
seem to pull (obviously) some heat away from the engine
I only have 2 fan settings that do anything, 'OFF' and 'MAX' (0 and  
4, or whatever)
but I get hot air blowing at my feet and up at the windshield, or  
wherever else I direct it
on the hwy this reduces heat by maybe 1 or 2 white lines on the gauge


Rolf in MA

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