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Diesel Progress magazine is a trade publication (free) and from what
I can tell is aimed at diesel oems and people in the diesel products
markets.  They often feature new products, such as specialized
equipment, generators, construction and ag equipment.

A google search gets you to their online magazine, which comes in a
north americal version and an international version.

> One of the contributors referred to a magazine called "Diesel Progress". I haven't heard of that magazine but did subscribe for a while to "Diesel Power" magazine. I dropped the subscription because 95% of the magazine covered diesel trucks & how to modify them for more power. Also most if not all the adds were for truck parts. I would like to see a magazine devoted to diesel cars & how to improve fuel economy. I would like to see it devoted primarily to old diesel cars, VWs, Peugeots, Mercedes, Citroen, Audi, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, & other diesel cars that were sold in the USA. I would also like to see the magazine cover new European & Asian diesels that we are not allowed to buy in the USA. Is "Diesel Progress" that magazine that type or just another magazine primarily devoted to pickups?
> I would also like to see a national car club devoted to diesel passenger cars & light pickups such as a VW Caddy & Isuzu but excluding mega pickups such as the Ford 250/350 Dodge with Cummings diesel etc. Such a club would be modeled after the Model A Ford of America, Packard Club, Early Ford V-8 Club, Antique Automobile Club of America (devoted to any car older than 25 years), etc. All these clubs have members thru out the USA & the rest of the World, for that matter. They have a national magazine that comes out from once every other month to quarterly. They also have local chapters that usually meet every month, have their own publications, usually published monthly, & a national meet, usually every year.
> Does anyone know of such a diesel car club? Also, is there any monthly or semi-monthly magazine I can subscribe to which is primarily orientated to diesel cars & not trucks? There used to be a magazine called "Diesel Car Digest which I subscribed to in the "70s & early '80s when it went out of business. It was a great magazine & I think I have a full set. If there is such a club or magazine, please furnish info on how to join & where to subscribe. I have seen a copy of such a magazine published in the UK but their website didn't seem to want subscribers in the USA.
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