[Vwdiesel] ordering parts was 81 Rabbit - rear wheel bearings

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Hi Val;
	I do lots of Rabbit and other early water-cooled VW work both gas
and diesel. I never go to the dealership. Between my dozen or so parts cars
and  Halsey Automotive a wonderful parts house selling VW and Audi parts in
Portland I get most every thing I need. It is 100 miles from my house to
Portland and I almost always drive down. My 50+ mpg 81 Dasher diesel usually
has less fuel cost than it would cost me for the UPS fees. I do try like you
to keep a few parts that are normally replaced in stock. 
	Brian Decker

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When ordering parts, some people add filters to get free shipping or 
minimum order size.  I do too.  But I also order bearing caps
(far cheaper than the stealership), a couple meters of injector return
line, a spare pressure cap or thermostat and those kinds of odds and
ends which cost in time and premium list price when bought at the 
dealer, and are not readily available at the local parts store.

> B & R Decker wrote:
> > Hi Roger & Rolf;
> > 	I have been buying bearings and seals for cars, trucks and trailers
> > and I have never in 55 years been sold or offered a cap when I bought
> > bearings. I'm sure they are available ( bearing-buddies are available
> > boat trailers )perhaps my lack of knowledge on the availability of stock
> > caps is because I never asked for one.
> > 	Rolf if you email me your postal address I will send you one
> > tomorrow and you can pay me back what my postage was.
> > Brian Decker
> > Western Washington
> I was referring to a full kit like this:
> 	http://germanautoparts.com/Volkswagen/Rabbit/Drivetrain/243/1
> -- 
>    Roger
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