[Vwdiesel] a/c compressor body failed

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 27 12:35:58 PST 2007

Hi Scott-

First, I have at least a couple compressors in my shed
I'd sell cheap if you want to experiment.

Second, in my personal experience, you don't really
need to change the seals, dryer, etc to change to

I had the change done in my '90 Corrado 5 years ago. 
The mechanic who did the work (and would be benefited
by selling me more parts/labor) told me it wasn't
necessary.  He said that when they first started doing
the conversions they did do all this work, but stopped
because it was unnecessary.  He said they had done
lots of conversions on VWs simply by putting on the
adapter valves, pulling a vacuum, and refilling.  They
had never had any issues with that, and the Corrado's
been  putting out cold air ever since.

Besides, it isn't like you can't go in and replace
that stuff later on, 134a is pretty cheap so it isn't
a major loss if it leaked out.

I kind of think some of that stuff is put out by
people wanting to sell o-rings and dryers.  

--- Scott Alexander <salex at dsl.cis.upenn.edu> wrote:

> One of the mounting ears on my A/C compressor on my
> '82 Rabbit D failed.
>  The compressor seemed to be working fine up until I
> discovered the
> problem.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience 
> swapping the guts from
> a working compressor into the body of a failed
> compressor?  How hard
> would it be to do this?
> Assuming it's not a fool's errand, does anyone have
> a seized or
> otherwise failed compressor sitting in the junk box
> that they'd like to
> get rid of?
> Since I'll have to crack the system to fix this in
> any case, I'm also
> thinking of switching to R134.  I know I'll need to
> replace the
> receiver/ dryer and various seals.  Is there
> anything else I should know
> about this swap?  Anything peculiar to Rabbits that
> the guys I know who
> have done this on other cars wouldn't expect?
> Thanks,
> Scott Alexander
> '82 Rabbit D
> Warren, NJ
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