[Vwdiesel] Change your engine oil on SVO WVO Vegoil WAS: Diesel Secret?

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Fri Dec 28 11:39:59 PST 2007

The vegoil will seep into the crankcase, especially if you let cold oil
into a cold engine (like running diesel-secret).  It happens on 2-tank
heated systems to a lesser extent.

Vegoil mixed with engine oil means thick goopy polymerized oil.  If you
run vegoil be sure to change your oil frequently.  Synthetic engine oil
will help a little.  Personally, I change synthetic every 3000-5000

Here's the infopop discussion on "Things you can do to get maximum
engine life from a VO converted diesel."


or the tinyurl:


Chugiak, AK
81 1.6NA Pickup - 5 years on SVO
82 1.6NA parts Pickup
91 1.6eco Jetta - 1 year on SVO
94 1.6TD FrankenJetta (8v conversion) - 2 years on SVO 

On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 14:08 -0500, Stephen Kraus wrote:
> Coldest it gets here is about 30 degrees on coldest.
> As far as deposits on the injectors, I take the injectors out every
> time I change the oil, clean off the carbon deposits and re-seal and
> test the engine
> On Dec 28, 2007 1:44 PM, Will Taygan <william at taygan.com> wrote:
>         You guys must be in warm places.  People are trying to get rid
>         of their
>         Diesel Secret bottles up here.  It doesn't really work in
>         Alaska.  I
>         only know of one guy who runs pure vegoil without heating it.
>          And he
>         doesn't pour in the paint-thinner based diesel-secret, he just
>         filters
>         and dumps vegoil in his 81 pickup tank and runs it during 3
>         months of
>         summer.
>         Oh yeah, and the studies of blending show that over 20%
>         unheated blend 
>         is bad for your long-term engine life.
>         http://biodiesel.infopop.cc/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/159605551/m/761101075/r/181101075#181101075
>         or the same link in shorter form:
>         http://tinyurl.com/gchbj
>         Of course, I run 2-tank heated vegoil systems all winter long,
>         and love
>         them.


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