[Vwdiesel] no idiot lights, instrument and fuel gauges

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Sat Dec 29 12:36:39 PST 2007

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vwzoo at yahoo.com writes:

> Hi,
>   I am getting a car running for my daughter.
> Everything was working and then last night the fuel
> gauge, temp gauge and idiot lights don't work. I have
> pulled out the instrument cluster and nothing looks
> obvious to me as being wrong.  Anyone have any tips.
> Thanks
> Dave

  Check for other things working or not like heater fan, 
instrument lights, etc.  Could be a ground, cracked flexi 
pc on the back of the cluster or a fuse.  I'd be first suspicious 
of grounds.  Check the plug to the cluster itself as well as the 
battery to body ground or engine to body and the multi cap-like 
ground terminal up under the dash kinda near the steering column.
  A test light makes most ground testing go much faster.  :-)

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