[Vwdiesel] injector - head leaks

Pam & Doug Boes db53248 at alltel.net
Mon Dec 31 13:35:04 PST 2007

I was having trouble getting started when the temp was in the high 20s. So,
I changed out all the glow plugs. I did this by removing the injectors from
the #1 & #2 cylinders. After reassembly, I found a leak at the #1 injector
to head joint. I torqued it to 52 ft. lbs. when I reinstalled it per the
Bentley Manual. Will increasing the torque stop the leak? How high of torque
can I go to without damaging the threads? Is there a thread sealant that
will work in this application with the 52 ft. lb. torque?

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