[Vwdiesel] Is anyone here running F-100 biodiesel without modifyingthe car?

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 2 05:19:04 EST 2007

You can run B100 straight in you diesel with no problems. The only issue you
will encounter is a clogged fuel filter for the first couple tank full's.
Biodiesel is a great solvent and will clean up your fuel system really well.
You can read more on it at

Now if he is buying the oil to make biodiesel out of I can't see how it is
only costing him .75 cents. That is the usual cost if you get your waste
veggy oil for free. The cost of the methanol and lye are the big expenses.


Howdy from Florida.

A co-worker of mine down here has made the investment 
necessary to make his own biodiesel...F-100 is what he
says he produces.

He gets the used oil from Wal-Mart, of all places.

He runs the fuel he makes in his '79 Mercedes.

(It costs him 75 cents per gallon, he figures.)

I might want to try this in my 1985 1.6L diesel Jetta

Can you all give me some links for biodiesel info?

I don't want to pour the stuff into my beloved old car
without knowing what I might be doing to my old trusty
engine, but 75 cents a gallon sounds tempting.

I would not be wanting to learn the process myself
right now..just need to know if my car can run on it
without modification or damage.

He says I could just fill my tank with it.


1985 1.6L non-turbo Jetta
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