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Sun Feb 4 16:21:33 EST 2007

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> Hi Kurt
>   In a related subject did the Volvo 6 cyl diesel come with a 5 spd
> tranny? I'm looking to build a Locost roadster ( Lotus 7 type ) with an Audi
> 5 cyl turbo gas from a 5000.  I would need a rear wheel drive tranny that
> would fit an Audi 5 cyl gas. The Volvo 6 cyl gas was a VW-Audi design.
> I'm thinking that might be the answer.

  If nothing else, an Audi 4K 5+5 would definitely have a 5 
speed in it that would bolt up.  Volvo tranny pattern should 
be the same a Audi 5 banger, or at least have adaptation to 
it.  Audi coupes, 4K 5+5 and some of the early 5K's would have 
5 speeds.  Kinda scarce otherwise.  Some of the Volvos had 
4 or 5 speed manuals.  Dave Puleo (former list member that 
still owes me ~$100!) did a Volvo 245, put a manual in it and 
got about 45mpg on his break-in drive!  Lost track of him 
several years ago.

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