[Vwdiesel] Thermostat temps

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Mon Feb 5 06:25:57 EST 2007

Not true. I've owned diesel VWs since they first became available, and 
they have all been 1 atm, or 14 psi cooling systems.

On the early Rabbits there were over pressures that I experienced,
because the coolant flow through the res. tank was insufficient to
warm the pressure cap, and it would freeze shut.  I got around it by
loosening the cap just a bit when the WX was extreme cold.

On late 80's cars, the design changed, and I didn't have further


> I don't know if this is true, but I recall hearing back when I owned my German built (European delivery) Rabbit diesel that VW ran  40 pound PSI in the diesel & this was responsible for early radiator & heater core failures due to metal fatigue from continual expansion & contraction. If so, this would be a great argument for running Evans coolant. Thanks to this discussion group, this is the first I I have ever heard of Evans coolant & its high boiling leval. Its my understanding that engines will run better & get better MPG if they run hot, as long as they don't overheat. If you run an engine at , say 300 degrees F, I wonder if some other part of the engine might fail, even though synthetic oil & coolant allow the higher temperatures?  I lost two engines ( 1972 Citroen gas engine & Mazda 626 diesel) which overheated & DID NOT seeze, due to use of Amsoil synthetic, but got so hot the valve springs lost their temper & the block overheated (Citroen).
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