[Vwdiesel] Repairing/Replacing stock Vanagon Glow Plug Fuse Setup

David O'Shea DOShea at geomatrix.com
Mon Feb 5 18:15:09 EST 2007

I took a look at a friend's newly acquired 82 diesel vanagon and noticed
that at some time in the past the glow plug fuse box/connection had
broken. Currently the fuse is connected to the original wires with a
couple of nuts and bolts, and is dangling unsupported near the back of
the engine compartment. This strikes me as a very poor situation for two
reasons. 1) the obvious danger of the wires shorting against the frame
of the car, and 2) the fuse itself is bent and is probably flexing while
the engine is running due to vibration - perhaps causing early failure.
I wanted to help fix the situation so I thought I'd ask you all for any
suggestions. Maybe a plastic box to protect the wires and fuse and to
hold it rigid? Or perhaps replace the stock fuse with a fusible link
arrangement based on something like this part:



Any and all suggestions or thoughts welcome.


-Dave O'Shea

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