[Vwdiesel] Low Sulfer Diesel Blamed for School Closings

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Tue Feb 6 23:49:42 EST 2007

I'm using the same fuel they use up there in Rochester, As well as one 
of the guys I work with and neither of us have had any problems 
starting our diesels, my na golf and his dodge. I tend to attribute the 
school districts problem with poor maintenance. Which they are 
notorious for up there.
On Feb 6, 2007, at 6:31 AM, Scott Kair wrote:

>  	No info on the pour/cloud/clog points of D15, but it was between 5 &
> 10 below 0F here (central IL) Monday morning, roughly close to your 
> temps.
> 	At work we had 3 failures to start among the Diesel fleet, all
> attributed to a combination of block heaters not being plugged in, low
> compression, and/or weak batteries. Overall, the failure to start rate 
> among
> the gassers was significantly higher, although none have block heaters.
> 	Fuel tank is above ground, but the mechanical staff changed the
> inline filter last week. We haven't run a cetane check since the D15
> deliveries began late last summer. Fuel, this being a local government
> agency, is low bid.
> 	My assigned 1990 IH 4900 series dump truck with a 466 series 6 cyl.,
> re-sleeved in-frame in summer 05, fired right up, and worked all day, 
> but
> the block heater was plugged in. Fuel filters are of unknown age and
> mileage.
> 	I'd be inclined to view the news reports with some skepticism.
> Scott Kair
> "Obama for America '08"
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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] Low Sulfer Diesel Blamed for School Closings
> It's been in the vicinity of -20C at night in the Rochester NY area.
> At least one district, and one Ambulance company have blamed low 
> sulpher
> diesel for their problems.
> Rush Henrietta school district showed heavily waxed filters, and said 
> they
> didn't know how their fuel was treated, and possibly extra treatment 
> may
> have caused the fuel filter clogging.
> Spencerport Ambulance "borrowed" some diesel from the Spencerport 
> School
> District, who's tanks are underground (and therefore warmer).
> Anyone know what the claimed cloud point is for ULSD?
> Val
> ps: Local News agents reporting:  WROC, WHEC, WHAM, Democrat and 
> Chronicle,
> also, rnews.com (website down)
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