[Vwdiesel] Finally found the correct TDC

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 6 21:09:38 EST 2007

Glad you got that worked out. It is amazing what these little diesels can
do. Mine was down for tires for two weeks. I have a set of snowflake wheels
that was at the body shop getting painted and I finally got them back with
new tires on them. I'm so glad to have the Jetta back. Don't get me wrong I
like driving my truck, especially with the heated seats but the jetta is
just more fun to drive and not seeing the gas needle move is another great


I'll be darn, this '85 Jetta actually does have a V-shaped notch, as 
described by Loren Baird - I'd been using a blocky looking machined 
appurtenance that is between two lesser-machined looking appurtenances, 
which happened to appear when the cam-lobes on #1 looked to be about 
symetrically oriented to the valve-cover mounting flanges at the same 
time as the slot in the cam shaft is. 

So, this engine has been running in this mis-configuration for the 2,000 
miles it ran  before I bought it, and ever since, till I finally 
recognized the misalignment the other day.  The fuel mileage really 
sucked (27-28 mpg). Amazing  how much quieter it is now, too, and how 
much more torque it has  - when I first got it, it had to have a running 
start to get up the hill going to my driveway in first gear.  Now, it 
will go up that hill in 2nd gear. It's the only vehicle I've got that 
will go up it in second, it's really a ridiculously steep little hill as 
carved out by the typically cheap-ass developers that are prevalent in 
this area, and, unfortunately, in most areas these days, I'm sure.  .I 
suppose someone familiar with this vehicle would have immediately known 
something was amiss, powerwise, but what the bleep do I know, this is my 
1st VWdiesel.  It doesn't sound much like some tricked out little sports 
car anymore, but it's got the power to behave like one now!

Mike in NC
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