[Vwdiesel] '81 Rabbit P/U Wing Window Gasket

Bob Soukup bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu
Tue Feb 6 16:49:11 EST 2007

I did as Roger wrote, glued the vent windows shut on my '81 Rabbit 
Truck.  Did this a number of years ago and it is still holding strong.  
Used a clear windshield sealer from local Pep Boys store.  In over 
twenty years driving that truck I have never needed to open the vent 
windows anyway.

By the way, in the last few days I have seen VW Rabbit trucks on EBay 
with bids topping over $6000.  Are they really appreciating that much?

Roger Brown wrote:

> Another option is just to glue the vent window into the existing 
> opening with a good adhesive/sealant. Not perfect but have heard of 
> folks doing that. Or you might try an auto glass shop and see if they 
> can re-glue the vent hardware on, they usually have better stuff than 
> you can get at the auto parts store.

Bob Soukup
'81 RabbitTruck

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