[Vwdiesel] Rebuilding injectors Vs. Replacing Injectors

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Feb 9 12:23:37 EST 2007

rebuilding isn't really that.
the guts are actually replaced with a new nozzle, the only critical 
thing is the injector body, the hollow iron part, that it seals and 
isn't distorted.  Rebuilding is really just a replacement of the wearing 
parts and calibration of the spring pressure, which is the time 
conusming part. The halves are lapped to ensure a good seal, and that's 
about it...

Bryan K Walton wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> 	My '84 Rabbit is in dire need of some injector work.  One of
> them is bubbling around the heat shield.  I bought the car with about
> 119,000 miles on it (now has 129,000) and I have no reason to believe
> that the injectors have ever been rebuilt/replaced.  I'm assuming at
> this point that the nozzles are the original nozzles.  I'd like to
> simply purchase new nozzles and rebuild the injectors myself.  Then,
> I'd just take the rebuilt injectors to be spray calibrated and pop
> tested.  But I've never done this before.  My question specifically is
> this: does there ever come a time when an injector should NOT be
> rebuilt?  In other words, do they eventually have to be replaced?
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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