[Vwdiesel] Oil in cooling system

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Sat Feb 10 21:21:34 EST 2007

> Has anyone devised a safe method for flushing motor oil (bad Hd. Gasket)
> from the cooling system? Also, what's the latest thinking on Hd. Gasket
> installation, install dry or use a sealer? What kind of sealer if used?
> Regards

On the oil, I've used simple green, or Dawn (dish washing detergent),
and let the engine warm up, then drain.  I'm concerned that in doing
so I might compromise the wather pump seals/bearing, but I've never 
seen anything adverse after wards.  Even the detergent doesn't get 
the stains and slime completely out of the system.  It will continue
to show in the plastic res. bottle for a long time.  Seems worse in
Diesels, because of the higher carbon content in the oil.

Once, many years ago, sparing you the story, I used a spray on gasket
sealant.  At all other times, I've used the gasket dry.  Assuming 
a flat clean head and block, it has never been an issue.  The gasket
supplier normally dictates what sealant may be used, if any.  VW
supplies "dry" gaskets, and Bentley calls for dry gaskets for A1/A2
engines.  I haven't checked into TDIs, so I can't address that engine.


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