[Vwdiesel] Several Items on 1982 Rabbit

Doug Presny DPresny at cleantechpartners.org
Mon Feb 19 13:49:13 EST 2007

1982 Diesel Rabbit Car


1.)     I had a fuel injection pump leak at the "head" seal.  Since
changing this O ring was a slippery slope that would result in me buying
a rebuilt injection pump, I tried the fix of running transmission seal
fluid into the injection pump and leaving overnight.  Maybe only
temporary, but the leak has stopped for the last two weeks.


2.)     Since I purchased the car, it has been missing the plug that
covers the visual access to the flywheel.  I was told by one person that
these are purposefully left off to facilitate cooling.  Is this true, or
should I replace.


3.)     The front seats have a lot of play when locked in.  I assume
there are some wear parts that can be replaced.  Any guidance on what to
replace and where to buy replacement parts.


4.)     The glow plug light does not always come on when starting
although the dome light does dim in the position where the light would
normally come on.  The car has also been starting well, so I assume it
is just the indicator light.  Whenever the glow plug light doesn't come
on, the oil indicator light stays on all the time.  I will be removing
the dash soon, so any guidance on how to remedy this is appreciated.
Also, how do you identify which relay is the glow plug relay.


Thanks - Doug

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