[Vwdiesel] Water and oil pumps

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Order one for a 90 1.6l Diesel, better buy the mounting bolts (longer bolts)
in case the pump in the 85 is original,


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Last August I had to put a new water pump in my 85 Jetta with air. Anyone
that has done this knows the pain. Well it was a $35.00 pump and is now
leaking. So remembering the threads sometime ago of pump quality I now am
paying the price. So to speed the job up I found a complete pump with
housing and the 2 "O" ring for $68.00. Most I ever spent on a water pump
ever. Well I got it and low and behold it is a cast propeller pump and not
the cheap stamped steel. Although mine is leaking and not a pumping issue it
will hopefully be one less problem down the road. It is a German brand and I
got it from Autopartswarehouse.com listed as an OEM The manufacturer slips
my memory right now I'll post later (I am at work). I have used this place
before and free shipping over 50 and I get most deliveries overnight. They
are in N.J. and me in N.Y.. 
always have had good luck and no issues with them.
I want to upgrade my oil pump for more volume. What should I order
(Year/model) to get the higher volume for my 1.6 NA solid lifter 85 Jetta?
Thanks  - Terry
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