[Vwdiesel] Diesel conversions

Justin and Michella Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Wed Feb 28 11:23:01 EST 2007

Passed up a 2x4 Chevy crew cab that had a Perkins diesel, 354 I think, 
and an old Eaton 5 speed.  Turned it down because the the tranny had 
some noise that suggested the gears were climbing each other.  Would 
have went ahead except I couldn't find any kind of support.  Old UK made 
truck gearboxes don't get any support, even from Eaton.  Who ever had 
done the original conversion was a master craftsman.  It looked stock.  
Same engine was used in Massey tractors, Land Rovers, and some 60 
vintage Dodge diesel pickups from the factory.  Good engine from 
everything I have heard.
>   Talked to a guy in Pacific Beach that had heard stories about
> an older full size that made 50mpg.  He didn't really believe it 
> until he took a fishing trip or such with the guy and paid for 
> the fuel.  It DID it!  He said he had a Perkins (don't know what 
> size) with a std behind that and a two speed I believe, behind 
> that.  One of these trips we'll have to look the guy up and see 
> just what all he has and get some straight numbers.  
>      Loren

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