[Vwdiesel] [Audi-VW-Diesels] Re: '84 Quantum TD no start :(

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jan 1 18:43:26 EST 2007

My Quantum self primes; so the fact that you have changed the filter perhaps 
you are sucking in air through a bleed screw or joint [barb]...
This is a queston for Quantum owners who understand fabrication 
techniques... Why did the Germans rivet a piece of rusty tin  in the front 
door frames next to the windscreen?

>From: Andrew Buc <AndrewBuc at staxman.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] [Audi-VW-Diesels] Re:  '84 Quantum TD no start :(
>Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 15:28:23 -0800
>On Jan 1, 2007, at 3:12 PM, James Hansen wrote:
> > Fill fuel filter, fill top of injection pump through the stop
> > solenoid,
> > or the return line banjo, and crank away.
>Literally through the solenoid, or through the solenoid mounting
>hole? I poured the fuel from the old filter into the new one, but it
>definitely wasn't full. I'll definitely have to get a small container
>at the FLAPS and fill it with diesel. In any event, it's getting dark
>and starting to drizzle, so things are on ice until next weekend.
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