[Vwdiesel] Offical Rant: Stupid German Engineers! and more

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 01:54:54 EST 2007

Awhile back, I mentioned the "floating" A/C
compressor.  Well, the car was at my parent's house
while I worked on dad's car, so I couldn't work on it.
 I finally got to today.

Turns out that there were at least three bolts
missing!  First, the two at the back of the A/C
compressor by the engine were gone.  Also, the bolt
that holds the back of the bracket to the power
steering pump was gone as well.  The compressor was
securely held to that bracket, but the bracket was

I replaced all those bolts and all is well as far as
all that goes.  I cannot believe how much everything
was in the way of all the bolts and everything else! 
What a pain in the ass!

I also replaced the tach and radio wires that a mouse
chewed while it was at my folk's.  The tach wire was
broken in two places, and the insulation was gone for
the radio wire.  The insulation was gone very near
where it went through the firewall, and it was clear
that the tach wire had gotten hot, so I think the
mouse was trying to burn the car down!

Finally, I figured out why the car didn't want to
start when cold.  All four glow plugs are burnt out! 
I removed one and it looks very normal, so I don't
think the injectors are to blame.  I am more than sure
it is the relay that would turn on and off very
quickly.  I thought it was the relay until I swapped
one from another car.  I am now guessing that it is a
loose connection from the ignition switch making the
relay think that I am turning on the switch over and
over very quickly.  I'll check that tomorrow when I
put the new glow plugs in.


David Cook
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