[Vwdiesel] Injection Pump Replacement This Weekend

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sat Jan 6 21:53:35 EST 2007

In a message dated 1/6/2007 6:34:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
bryankwalton at machlink.com writes:

>   One final question regarding timing: the new pump's VW part number
> is 068-130-107AG.  According to Loren's web page here: 
> http://members.aol.com/lbaird119/rabbit/pump/pump.htm
> it looks like the most retarded timing for this IP is .88 +/- .02mm.  
> Bentley says that for a 1981-1982 vehicle, which this IP date falls into, 
> the minimum is .86 +/- .02mm.  I want to time this pump for maximum mpg.
> Should I set it .86 or .84mm?
>   And finally, when tweaking the pump timing, do I tilt the TOP
> of the pump toward the front of the car, or toward the firewall in
> order to retard the timing?

  .88 is the "proper" timing setting for that pump.  (I've only seen it 
come factory, from Rabbit pickups) The .93mm is the "performance" 
setting if the 40mph to 60mph (or something like that) acceleration 
time is too slow.  I wouldn't set ANY lower than .88mm unless you 
like the feel of a TD Benz with a plugged exhaust and a frozen turbo!
  If you were driving strictly in town and loafing along I could see where 
you MIGHT get a little better mileage with a more retarded setting.  
Otherwise I suspect you'll not only have less power and sluggish 
acceleratino but poorer mileage as well.  Might not start as well also.

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