[Vwdiesel] Two 1981 Rabbit 4 door diesels for Sale

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Mon Jan 8 04:38:20 EST 2007

I am 73, have CLL Leukemia, & don't think I will get around to making one good Rabbit from two. These are two American assembled Calif. no rust (except for some surface rust) Rabbits but both are projects & are not running. Having lived in Minn. for the first 36 years of my life, I know what RUST is back in the rust belt. I am asking $2,000, OBO for the both of them, prefer to sell as a package) but will swap for one good running M Benz or VW diesel with air-conditioning, preferably converted to run on waste vegetable oil.
Let me describe the projects in closer detail so you can see if you are interested. The best one needs a head & injection pump but had cool A/C before my step-daughter fried the engine, since replaced, by not watching the temperature gage. The mechanic I had left the car with for repair put in a used replacement engine, new clutch etc., but said it needed a new head because of cracks between the valve seats. Because I was in no hurry to get the car back, the head & injection pump disappeared. The body needs paint & a few small dents removed. Upholstery fair & useable. Car has a sun roof, 5 speed, & front vent windows. Car has been non-op-ed for Calif.
The other Rabbit has an engine I was told was good but I have not heard it run. Although the body is free of Midwest type rust, it has several door & fender dents & is more suitable as a parts car, at least on the west coast. It has a salvage Calif. title. Has a sun roof sealed with silicone putty. No A/C & I think it has a 4 speed, not sure.
I hope the forgoing description is good enough to help you decide whether you are interested. I want to give you people a chance before listing them on Craig's List locally. I & the Rabbits are located in rural Nevada City, CA, about 60 miles NE of Sacramento. If some of you back east want the cars, the cheapest way to get them back would probably be to rent a large U Haul truck & car dolly or car trailer one way. My phone is (530)477-1128 if you wish to call, but not till after 12 noon.

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