[Vwdiesel] Glow Plug Relay troubles

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 00:41:19 EST 2007

I installed my glow plugs this afternoon, as well as
finally getting the cold start handle in!  Woo Hoo,
the conversion is finally complete after two plus

Anyway, the reason the GPs burned out is that the
relay will very quickly trigger on and off, causing
the indicator light to flash and the GPs to get power
and have it cut off very quickly over and over.  It
happens so fast it sounds like a cicadia is under the
dash buzzing or something.

My theory on why this was happening is that the
wiretap I did to get the signal to turn the plugs on
from the ignition switch was bad.  Today, I redid that
connection and it still did it once while driving.

I also noticed that sometimes when the car is started,
the indicator light will flash, though I can't hear or
feel the relay clicking.  Revving it so the alternator
will start usually makes that stop, but not every

It does it with two different relays, one VW and one

Any ideas on what to investigate now? 


David Cook
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