[Vwdiesel] Looking for a 6-banger?

Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 11 22:55:25 EST 2007

I'm looking, but Seattle's a hell of a trip away from me.

In a similar line, thanks to you guys who responded on list and 
privately regarding loaning me tools. I'm all set to time this beast 
now, heading back up that way on Monday.


Andrew .Libby wrote:
> Not Mine, yada, yada...
> 1986 VOLVO 740 GLE TURBO DIESEL - $750
> Reply to: sale-261226144 at craigslist.org
> Date: 2007-01-11, 3:49PM PST
> Silver, 4 door Sedan. D24 engine. (6 cylinder) About 200,000. miles. Was
> getting 30mpg highway. Brand New Heavy Duty Les Schwab battery on warranty.
> Recent: Glowplugs, injectors, replaced glow plug relay, new fuel lines,
> Replacement used ZF22 tranny in 1997. Replacement used radiator. Pump timed
> in '99. Routine fluids and filters. Pair of studded tires. Odometer NG.
> Tripmeter OK. Speedometer intermittent. Exterior OK, car shows age and
> bang-ups. Interior: No radio, headliner NG, leather worn. Left rear power
> window NG...stuck closed. This is potentialy a good running car. However,
> very very stubborn starting right now. I can't figure it out. Likely needs
> tow.
> Here's forum thread: http://www.vwdieselparts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5813
> _________________

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