[Vwdiesel] "new" car suggestions

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 12 13:10:50 EST 2007

I replaced  the rear suspension bushings on my 99 A3 Jetta tdi last 
month.  Don't think that 96 or newer makes you immune to a whole lot of 
anything really... if the roads are rough, the rears so bad pretty easy. 
  I've done the same thing to the 97 Passat tdi as well last year.

I keep looking at beetles, too, I'm thinking the used market, you get a 
little more value out of a beetle chassis, but, harder to work on for a 
few things.
other than that, same powertrain, same old deal.  I sort of wanted one 
years ago, but heaving a baby car seat into the rear of a 2 door just 
didn't look like much fun.  Now that the kids can crawl their own butts 
into the back seat, it's an option again.

For long term service, I would be inclined to go Jetta, you get 4 doors, 
it's much more convenient.
My 99 Jetta tdi and 97 golf TD are both casually for sale, When  both 
are gone, I was looking at maybe getting a beetle to build into 
something to eat up chevies at the local 1/8 mile drags, and still be my 
daily driver.

You know, as I think about the statement "100% reliability", I can 
safely say that you can't get that anymore.  It went out of fashion with 
the A2's.  Gimme a brand new A2 Jetta td, 1989, loaded with teardrop 
rims and a sunroof.  That was a nice car, and as close to 100% reliable 
as I have ever had to my recollection.  The 97 Pasatt tdi is close, but 
more maintenance is required, as compared to the A2.


Justin and Michella Bennett wrote:
> Hello to the group.
> I have to get a different car, my spare, spare car (Samurai) just ate 
> the front main seal last night with the real cold wx and the engine is 
> to far gone to spend money on resealing the engine.  Since I need as 
> close to 100% reliability I am going to do the unthinkable and buy a 
> newer vehicle for my main commuter.  What has been the groups experience 
> with the diesel new Beetle?  Also considering the other diesel VWs.  
> Going to limit myself to 96 or newer just to keep worn chassis issues at 
> a minimum, if I can.
> Justin
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