[Vwdiesel] "new" car suggestions

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Jan 13 19:20:22 EST 2007

William J Toensing wrote:
> You don't say where you live. I assume it must be in the USA. If so,
> & you want a 1996 or newer diesel, you have only two choices, as far
> as I know: a VW or Mercedes Benz. If in Canada, I have heard they are
> selling the Smart diesel. I live in California so Canadians, let me
> know if I am correct. 
You are correct up to the current model year.
Because Benz wants to bring them into the US, they are stopping 
importation of the diesel with the 2006 MY, and concentrating on the 
Thanks very much for that.... another brilliant piece of marketing 
strategy resulting from California and the EPA whom we all love... 
nothing personal against you William, but you're there, can't you do 
something about them? :-)


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