[Vwdiesel] Mercedes diesels (overheated)

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Sun Jan 14 14:42:44 EST 2007

I bought a brand new Mercedes 200D in 1968 (couldn,t afford a brand new
volks now)

Drove it for 20 years
Not a good cold weather starter, but I learned to cope. Long extension
cords, Coleman camp stove, etc.

Late n it's life, we had a loss of coolant/overheat problem. When it cooled
off, It would not start, although it seemed to crank normaly.

I had it towed home, and when time permitted, repaired and refilled the
coolng system, changed the engine oil, and tow- started it. 
It started quickly, and after that seemed quite normal, and drove for
several more years, and drove to its final rusting place under its own power.

The engine was retaind by others, and ended up in some other car, and may
still be running to this day.

Amazing !

If I was younger, I might get back in to them, but no automatics, please.
I would want to retain the tow start option.


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