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>It appears our President lives in the UK.

Yea sick of Camp David....

The Citroen is an AX 1.4 n/a    so it's a bit like a Rabbit, Polo or Audi 50 
or Fox?
The injectors are stock 115bar using a roto diesel pump. Contrast with the 
quoted 130bar for the Bosch pump. Which is like the 1500 rabbit diesel. What 
economy did that achieve?

Bryan like a lot of things in life there's no definitive answer; but I 
suspect that excluding the boy racer gene in most of us that is asking for 
more power quicker etc I expect the law relating economy to nozzle pressure 
follows a bell curve. IMO higer pressures help iron out anomalies in aging 
nozzles. To save on waffle I think that starting with some standard pressure 
n/a nozzles would be interesting on a TD. Hagar used 1.5 nozzles on his TD 
Rabbit for 70+mpg  but upped the break pressures before installing :o(

>You mention a family member drives a Citroen which gets 90 (imp) MPG or 75 
>(US) MPG. Please correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is to 
>convert an Imperial gallon to an equilivant US gallon you divide by 6 & 
>multiply by 5. Anyhow, that is how I converted the 90 MPG to 75 MPG.
>Citroen is my favorite car & I belong to several USA Citroen clubs. I own 3 
>Citroens: 1970 ID-19 & 1972 D-21 station wagon plus a "gray market" 1979 CX 
>2500 diesel Pallas. That said, I would appreciate info on your family 
>member's Citroen. What year & model is it? How much did the modifications 
>improve the MPG & what were they?
>As you may know, Citroen dropped the DS/ID range after the 1972 model year 
>because of our DOT mandated 5 MPH bumpers. For 1973, Citroen only imported 
>the SM. They dropped out of the US market beginning with the 1974 model 
>year & discouraged the independent importation of Citroens to the USA 
>afterwards. This became much easier in the early '80s when US legislation 
>enabled individual manufacturers to say whether an individual model met or 
>did not meet USA regulations so they could keep models they didn't want in 
>the USA market, for what ever reason, out of our market.
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