[Vwdiesel] was removing ignition switch, now dim headlights

Chris Jude vegbenz300 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 00:06:05 EST 2007

Never did have to get the ignition switch off.  Finally tracked the problem
down to a bad solenoid on the starter.  Ordered a new starter from
AutohausAZ and put it in last night.  The car is starting up great now.
Thanks to the listers for all the advice on this one.

One problem I still have though, is the dim lights.  I've replaced the
ground straps, and put a new 4ga wire from the battery+ to the starter, and
cleaned up the wires at the starter.  New battery too.  The lights are still
really dim, can't see very well if there is oncoming traffic with lights
on.  All the fuses look fine, what should i check next?


On 1/19/07, Tony and Lillie <tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Did you get this taken care of?
> Tony Hoffman
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> > I'm trying to track a starter power problem on my Audi, and am trying to
> > get
> > to the back of the ignition switch.  Can't figure out how to remove the
> > switch, and the back of it is hidden behind heater hoses and metal.
> > anyone
> > know how to get to this?
> >
> > chris
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