[Vwdiesel] SL and CD Oil

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 20 15:51:25 EST 2007

 There are several that run Castrol 20w-50 in their VW 1.6 with no problems
but they do change the oil every 2500 miles. If you are going to rebuild in
the near future then running and SL oil wouldn't be an issue to keep you
going until then. Way cheaper than Mobil 1 that is for sure.

How bad is your oil pressure? Do you have a lot of miles on the engine?
Could be as simple as changing the intermediate shaft bearings to bring it
back up.  I know, I know changing those bearings out isn't all that easy but
it can be done and with the engine still in the car.

A while ago there was a discussion about using SL (spark ignition) and CD
(compression ignition) Lube Oil in VW Diesels.  
My 84 Jetta TD is burning a lot of Oil now and I'm waiting for a window to
rebuild it.  I've been using Mobil 1 15-50 which I need for the low Oil
Pressure, 15-40 is too light and am concerned about the Turbo.
The only other 20-50 weight Oil available is API SL.  Could someone refresh
me on that discussion please?  I don't know how to search archives or even
know if they exist.  Sorry to rehash this thread but some input would be
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