[Vwdiesel] Being hit by "Phantom Winds"

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Check the bushings that the rear axle pivots on at the frame.  One on each 
side.  The rear wheel will move forward and backward while parked if you 
grab it and try to roll it if these bushings are worn out as bad as mine 
were..  That was the problem with my `91 Jetta and it was absolutely white 
knuckle trying to drive it and very dangerous.  It was not exactly intuitive 
what steering corrections were necessary to keep the car from going out of 
control.   A bit like a trailer fishtailing out of control, trying to put 
you into the ditch, but not exactly the same.


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> Sorry, I really couldn't think of a good way to
> subject this...
> This morning while driving home from church, I
> experienced the car suddenly shifting to the side.  It
> feels exactly like being out on the highway and being
> hit by a strong gust of side wind.
> It isn't like I am being thrown into the other lane,
> but it is most definately noticeable.
> It happens from both ways, doesn't just get "pushed"
> on one side.
> I put it up on a lift and checked out the front end.
> I cannot find anything loose or wrong looking.
> The tie rods and ends are practically brand new.
> Any ideas on what could be going on?
> Thanks,
> David
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