[Vwdiesel] sand blasting - refishing mags

Evans Antoniou ev32amd at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 22 21:01:04 EST 2007

thanks mikitka,

but i was thinking for along the lines of a diy'er project.

my mags are silver already and the paint is chipping in some area and i want to take this time to clean them up and perhaps change the colour.


mikitka <mikitka at earthlink.net> wrote: Funny you should mention this. I just got done glass bead blasting a set of
VW "snowflake" rims. A friend of mine gave them to me in trade for some oil.
They were painted burgundy to match his 90 Cabrio. So that color didn't go
with my 91 jetta green. :) 

I used the basic cabinet bead blaster we have at work. It had a 3/16" gun in
it and I had the air pressure set to 80 and it worked ok. Very slow process
but it didn't really mess up the aluminum to bad. It took off the color
paint but took some work to take the black primer.

Now I did use our bigger blast cabinet, one that is big enough to put a big
block chevy, ford, mopar engine in. It has iron ore media in it. It worked
great and fast but did leave a heavy pit to the aluminum. Oh the price one
pays for fast results. :(

As far as painting, a friend at a body shop is going to do that for me with
PPG. And then clear them.



hello all,

has anyone tried sandblasting the old paint on their mags and using a new
finish from Dupont paint made for their mags?

how strong does the sandblaster machine have to be?

are there any machines on ebay good enough - just to get a  general idea.



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