[Vwdiesel] Sand blasting - refinishing mags

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 23 07:53:33 EST 2007

Powder coating is the way to go if you have a place that can do it. It isn't
to expensive either. I had the entire suspension done on my 65 Impala to
include my 12 bolt rear end and it was only $180. It helped that I already
sand blasted the parts. It is a tough finish, when I went to put it all back
together I had to clean up part of the suspension so that the polyurethane
bushings would fit and the sand blaster took a bit of work to get the finish
off where I needed it to come off. I also spilled brake fluid on it when I
was putting my brake lines back on the differential and it never affected
the finish.

There seems to be a demand for powder coating around here. If I had the
funds I would set something up. Problem is to get an oven big enough to put
large items in can get expensive.

I haven't tried this but wouldn't powdercoating work even better? I
understand powdercoating is susposed to be much more durable.
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