[Vwdiesel] sand blasting - refishing mags

Evans Antoniou ev32amd at yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 23 11:23:24 EST 2007

do i have any other options beside sand blasting?

James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net> wrote:
  I did my teardrops with glass beads, color matched to the burgundy 89 
when i had it. They needed refinishing, as some tire shop guy hammered 
the finish off them removing them from the hub.
left a VERY nice ready to paint finish, and they are holding the finish 
well after four years.
Current owner wants to make them silver now, go figure...

I used a blastvac- a body shop spot touchup device that recaptures the 
media. Like Nick, I would recommend glas beads, as coarser media such as 
iron oxide, ground slag, etc, leave too rough a finish for painting.
There was NO surface prep required other than a wipe with cleaner after 
glass beads.

Size of machine?
all depends on how patient you are Evan. Bigger compressor is better, 
you can add just a tank for more reserve air, to reduce the time spent 
waiting for the compressor to recover. Cabinet needs to be big enough 
to physically fit a rim, and the gun. I have all the stuff to blast 
continuously, but if you have more time, you can wait a bit for the 
compressor... cabinets recover the media, so you reuse it until it 
wears out (and glass wears out fast), but plan on using a cheap canadian 
tire shop vac with a drywall bag in it to suck the dust out of the cabinet.

Evans Antoniou wrote:
> hello all,
> has anyone tried sandblasting the old paint on their mags and using a new finish from Dupont paint made for their mags?
> how strong does the sandblaster machine have to be?
> are there any machines on ebay good enough - just to get a general idea.
> thanks
> evan
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