[Vwdiesel] Sand blasting - refinishing mags

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Jan 24 01:11:57 EST 2007

It is, but if you tap a curb with the rim, it isn't tough enough to not 
scrape up, and retouches with paint just don't look right on powder coat.
That said, powder coat is tougher than a pig's nose,and would work well, 
just that any road rash that tends to scrape paint, would also scrape 
powder coat on a wheel.
On a tubular chassis, powder coat is absolutely stellar. I've seen a few 
stock cars and a few street rods with powder coated chassis, and it just 
looks soooooo good.
Then there's us street stockers that just slog some more tremclad on 
cause we know it's going to get scraped off again anyway...

William J Toensing wrote:
> I haven't tried this but wouldn't powdercoating work even better? I understand powdercoating is susposed to be much more durable.
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