[Vwdiesel] Alternator mix and match

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Jan 24 01:46:23 EST 2007

>     1) how hard is it to remove the bearings from one of these 
> armatures? I have a bearing puller I've used before on electric motors, 
> but it seems there was more clearance behind the bearings on the ones 
> I've previously used it on - just wondering if there's any special 
> tricks that might come in handy during non-destructive disassembly.

Don't even think about re-using a bearing you have pulled off using a 
puller- unless you can grab the inner race, not the outer.  Grabbing the 
outer race with any force brinells the race, guaranteeing later failure.
These bearings are typically 5 bucks or less. false economy to try to 
save one.

Mind the clearance on the plastic insulator (on the end bearing) that 
was loose.  It has to take up the space, and needs replacing if worn, 
except at times the case wears, so be"wear" of that...
but it is an insulator, so don't fudge it together with shims and stuff 
if it may not still function as one. (an insulator that is)

>     2) The two armatures look identical except for the smaller rear 
> bearing, could it be that they are indeed the same?
>     3) From reading in the archives and elsewhere I've gathered that to 
> add a W terminal to an alternator you just need to solder a wire  to the 
> Y junction of the three stator coils, can anyone confirm this?

Or is it to a single diode?

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