[Vwdiesel] 93 EuroVan - alt problems continue

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 26 12:34:39 EST 2007

Yes, those tabs need to be clean.
A pencil eraser will do, fine sandpaper (400grit) will do too.
Best is an abrasive stick and some electrical contact cleaner, but a 
gritty eraser, like the old blue pen erasers is fine.
Must be careful to not break them off, but they aren't that delicate.
You can see the spot on the reg body that the tab touches.  Common thing 
is you can see headlights flickering just ever so slightly at night when 
the contact through this tab is poor.

Rolf Pechukas wrote:
> a couple weeks ago I posted about a blinking alternator (battery) light
> several wise and experienced members of this board directed me -  
> correctly - to the alt brushes
> I removed, cleaned, reinstalled them
> problem solved
> but now
> blinking batt light again
> removed brushes again
> uh oh, they look fine
> re-installed
> external connections also look good
> there are a couple small metal tabs sticking out at different angles  
> from the brush assembly
> those must make contact with something
> mine are kind of crudded up
> important to clean these?
> how to do without damaging anything?
> anything else to look for?
> currently stranded at a coffee house hoping it warms up out there - 4°f
> battery just not cranking fast enough to turn over
> thanks for any thoughts

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