[Vwdiesel] radiator help

rumple stiltskin stiltskin1969 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 16:51:57 EST 2007

1981 Dasher wagon (modified to 5 speed)
  motor is "in line" DIESEL with A/C
  top resevoir overflow return (small hose) and the large hose that comes from the head flange
  are side by side (more or less) in the top middle of the radiator.
  the resevoir bottle flange is to the driver side as you face the car from the front
  the larger hose from the head sits directly next the large flange on top and to the passenger side of the resevoir hose flange
  the bottom hose (large) hose flange on the radiator is about 2/3 of the way to the left side (passenger) as you face the car from the front. has a drain plug immediately adjacent to it. 
  I also need the all shock mounts the radiator sit on... 
  850-223-1247 land line...  as soon as you hear the telemarketers block just push  1  on your  phone dial pad
  305-731-3185 cellular    need it now

LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:  In a message dated 1/25/2007 10:49:49 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
cjb at midrivers.com writes:

> Loren,
> An impact gun to remove and install components in an aluminum head? Boy 
> that makes the A&P in me cringe. Going out would be ok, but not a final 
> torque going in. What the gun is set to is not the torque you are 
> applying....

No, no, no! I never said to put one IN with an impact :-o
(I probably didn't say NOT to but I usually say to torque to 
54ft/lbs too.) 
Impact out, torque wrench in!
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