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  You misseed the key word...  CANADA.  ;-)  The US never 
got the 5K-D after '83 and only got the TD in '82 and '83.  
I'd guess an '84 or '85 would still have the 2.0 5 cylinder.
 (Just looked it up on ETKA and it IS the DE turbodiesel 
engine from '82 through at least '85.  CN for the NA, which 
seemed to stop about '84 but not positive on that.)

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> The 85 Audi 5000 CS Turbo I had was a 3 spd auto with a 5 cyl gas engine. I
> don't think a diesel was available in 85
> Brian Decker
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> When I was in high school, (Ontario, Canada, mid to late '80s), one of my 
> friend's parents had a 1985 5000 TD.  It was metallic gold/brown with brown 
> interior.  Had a 3-speed auto.  Any idea of what engine this would have 
> been?

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