[Vwdiesel] Banjo hits sour notes

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Lines #1 and #2 are different for Turbo, #3 and #4 are the same as Normally

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Turbo diesel specific? It is my understanding that the turbo injection lines
are a little different to clear the aneroid on top of the pump. Is that
wrong in thinking and that they are actually set up different for the turbo
performance of the engine. If so then I have been running with regular
injection lines on my converted ECO turbo engine. I don't have any problems
that I can see.

Milton, second from Flywheel End, that would be #3 Injector line, that one
is not Turbo Diesel specific.  I have that line and I'm in South Everett, I
don't think I can get it to you today though but I could in the morning.


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