[Vwdiesel] ULSD/additives question

Chris Geiser geiserfam at sprintpcs.com
Tue Jul 10 18:38:11 EDT 2007

The way I understand it, fuel stations have the option of whether they are
carrying the ULSD or just the LSD... the station manager at a place by us
said that they'll base which they carry on demand.  
New vehicles as of this year need the ULSD, but most of the demand right now
is still for the old stuff, so they will continue to carry the old stuff
until there's more 2007 and newer vehicles than older vehicles.  The label
is so that you know what you're putting in and to keep new vehicles from
using the old stuff.
I'm not sure if there's an absolute cutoff date, but he didn't make it sound
like it.


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On this note, I noticed a new sticker on the diesel
pumps at Sunoco on Interstate 95 or NJ Turnpike today.
Basically it said....
"US Gov't prohibites the use of ULSD in highway
vehicals in model year 2007 and older.  The fuel is
rated at 500ppm)

What the hell does this mean, it was even on the pumps
for all of the trucks, I was at the car diesel pump.
I guess this just covers there ass incase anyone tries
to take the gov't to court for messing up all the
trucks.  This was a gov't issued sticker from EPA, not
from Sunoco corp.

Has anyone else seen this.

On a good note, my fuel like in the vanagon is NOT the
pump, just #1 fuel line connnection to the pump.  Easy
to fix.  Yeah, I can take her on vacation next week to
NC, I was worried it was the pump.

Bryan, NJ

--- William J Toensing <toensing at wildblue.net> wrote:

> From what I have read, Europeans add 5% biodiesel to
> help the lubricity as well as lowering oil
> importation. Perhaps our European members can
> comment on this. Calif. has had low sulfur diesel
> years before it was required in the rest of the
> country. Many people complained of leaking & pump
> failures but I never had any such problems-so far.
> Since I learned the hard way with  a Rabbit diesel
> back in 1980, I have always spiked the Amsoil Diesel
> Modifier with Bio-Bar biocide & have added this to
> my diesels ever since, & no problems. I suspect the
> biocide keeps the algae at bay & the Amsoil diesel
> Fuel Modifier provides the necessary lubricity. I
> was told Amsoil did not add a biocide to their
> diesel fuel modifier. I was told that when the
> temperature of diesel fuel rises to 93 degrees or
> higher, algae will grow, if there is any water in
> the fuel. I will be filling my Citroen CX diesel
> this week with biodiesel  to drive it to our Citroen
> Rendezvous this weekend in Salinas, CA. Will 
>  advise you of problems, if any.
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