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> I would suggest NOT using butane as a refrigerant in your a/c system!  Do 
> you really want a flammable gas being pumped into the cabin of your vehicle 
> with you?  All it would take is a small leak under the dash to turn your car 
> (and you) into a crispy critter.

  I talked to an engineer about that issue and he said for one, you 
pack around 10 to 20 gallons of a highly flamable liquid (gas) and 
think nothing of it.  (of course we drive diesels, but...)  Other 
points he made is that the air/fuel ratio where propane or butane 
will actually burn is much narrower than with gas.  He said the 
odds will be heavily in favor that the concentration will be too 
high or too low to burn.  In an accident it'll leak outside and 
dissapate quickly.  Then there's the issue that freon exposed 
to flame creates phosgene gas and nobody complained about 
  Butane or propane seems to be more safe than it would seem.  
Leaks would be easier to detect too!  ;-)

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