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> All of this got me thinking, why couldn't I add a turbo to the  
> Rabbit?  How much does the associated parts cost?  I'd have to add  
> the intake/exhaust manifold, the turbo, some sort of airbox, and  
> that'd be about it.  I'm kinda getting giddy with the thought of  
> maybe adding a few horsepower, or at least compensating for the high  
> altitude here.
> Any thoughts?

  Add oil supply and return lines and a turbo pan, even new 
pans are <$50 iirc.  You'll need a oil filter adapter with another 
hole tapped or drill and tap yours for the oil supply.  There's a 
couple hoses that go with the turbo to intake and airbox to 
turbo.  You'll need a dowpipe or fabricate one along with a 
2 1/2" exhaust.  No reason to cut down on the boost.  You 
just have to keep the fueling within reason (add a pyrometer 
to the list.)  :-)

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