[Vwdiesel] More Dasher?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Tue Jul 24 20:16:48 EDT 2007

Finally got the engine back together but haven't run it yet. However, this afternoon I did run a compression check with a new  inexpensive "Made in China" diesel compression tester bought on eBay & what I found, I  think it is bad news. I got the following readings: #1- 200 psi, #2-230 psi, #3-155 psi, #4-315 psi. If I recall correctly, ideal compression readings should be 400psi. This is a 1981 Dasher diesel, to refresh your memories.

I removed all the injectors & checked one cylinder at a time. Found carbon deposits on bottom of each injector. Should I clean them with carburetor cleaner, something else, or leave them alone.

I removed the injectors with a 1&1/16 inch deep socket. Don't have a metric deep socket set that large' What size metric deep socket should I buy if I can't a large metric deep socket set to buy.. The largest metric deep socket I have is 24mm.

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