[Vwdiesel] cooling system parts and advice requested

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	First on a TD I would install a thermostatically controlled oil
cooler then I would use a hotter coolant thermostat. A diesel likes to run
hot. In hot weather you should see an increase in mileage and all the info I
have found says hotter is better up to a point. I'm going to put the hottest
VW thermostat in my present Rabbit diesel pickup along with Evans waterless
coolant. In my Rabbit pickup that had a Jetta 1.6 turbo in it I ran a
Sandwich plate under the oil filter that had a 180 degree thermostat along
with a 9 pass 22 inch oil cooler. I ran the hot thermostat in the water pump
and the hot fan switch. I used Evans waterless coolant. On one hundred
degree days climbing the Siskayu's in Southern Oregon the coolant
temperature gauge and the oil temperature gauge would run about 200 degrees
F when the pyro said about 1000 degrees F.
Brian Decker

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I have a 91 netta td, I need the hoses leading from the oil filter. autohaus
doesn't seem to offer the replacements
though i may not be recognizing them. has anyone purchased these hoses and
also. bentley mentions the thermostat opening at 85c, I want to install a
new thermo and felt the lowest temp would be best as these motors tend to
run best when cooler. autohaus has a 70c. what's the consensious?
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