[Vwdiesel] Troubleshooting help needed - IP changeout

Doug Presny DPresny at cleantechpartners.org
Wed Jul 25 08:56:07 EDT 2007

1982 Rabbit Car.  I need troubleshooting help to find my error.  I have
installed a purchased rebuilt injection pump (via Parts Place).  New
pump looks identical to old pump.  I have cranked 30 times for 10 second
intervals with only one sputter.  The car was a daily driver until 4
months ago when an injection pump leak led to it being parked.  The new
pump and valves were timed with same procedure I successfully used
previously.  I have rechecked the accuracy of both valve and IP timing
job after the 20th crank session (set to 0.037" , specified range is
0.036" to 0.038" which previous pump ran at).  I used the hand vacuum
pump recommended by the group to prime the pump (wow nice tool).  After
10 crank sessions, I cranked with injector lines open at top to verify
fuel was moving through.  Fuel is coming out clear return line without
bubbles (4 oz has passed into collection container while cranking).
White exhaust is exiting tailpipe.  Battery at full charge and cranking
at high speed.  Engine rebuilt 5000 miles ago and started well since
then in winter as daily driver (assuming compression is good).  Glow
plugs NOT currently working.  Connected temporary wire from battery to
fuel solenoid to ensure solenoid is open.  I have the instrument cluster
out as I am removing dash to inspect/clean electrical and to diagnose
intermittent problem with glow plugs function.  Any help is appreciated.
If timing technique is likely problem, I'll post my technique for
review.  Thanks - Doug


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